Château Grillet

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  • After a winter with average rainfall, warm conditions in March led to an early bud burst. Cool weather in April, followed by strong rains, slowed down growth. August was relatively free of rain and quite hot compared to the seasonal average.
    Flowering took place on 28 May, two weeks later than in 2011. It took place in poor weather, resulting in poor fruit set and hence low yields.
    The weather was still disturbed by the end of June, but some warmer periods allowed for quick development of the berries. The unstable weather continued for the first 20 days of July. The end of the month saw a return of summer weather and a good véraison.
  • Picking started on Monday 10 September in the central terraces with southern exposure. Potential alcohol was 13.2% vol. with average acidities of 2.77 g/l. The grapes were in such a good state of health that almost no sorting was needed.
    10mm of rain fell after two days of harvesting. Picking restarted on Tuesday 18 September. The grapes benefited from this rain followed by fine weather, with average degrees of 14% vol. and total acidity of 3.6 g/l.
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