Château Grillet

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  • Spring 2011 was warm and dry, leading to early vegetative growth. Full flowering had taken place by 15 May.
    The second half of June was quite showery, leading to rapid swelling of the grapes. July was rainy and quite cool. Summer really arrived in August. The second half of the month saw peaks in temperature that helped to concentrate the berries.

    Potential alcohol levels rose quickly, reaching around 13.5% vol. The acidity remained good, thanks to the concentration.
  • Harvesting took place in three stages. It started on 29 August, with a first selection from among the southern-facing parcels. High sugars on picking (14.2% vol.) and very good acidity (4.4 g/l H2SO4).
    It restarted from 1 to 5 September, after some heavy rains. The east-facing terraces were picked later, in a good state of health, on 12 September.
  • Smoky on the nose, with vanilla; lightly oaked with balsamic notes.
    Opens up to develop citrus fruit, yellow plum and floral aromas along with a hint of aniseed.
    Mineral on the palate, with long acidity and notes of lemon and brioche. Overall, a very pleasant freshness with lots of elegance.