Château Grillet

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  • Autumn 2008 was warm with showers, though the winter was particularly hard especially in January and February. Slowly but surely, warm weather returned in spring. The temperatures in spring were very close to seasonal averages. Summer 2009 was very hot and dry with some days exceeding 34°C.
    After a healthy and even bud burst, there was no disease during the spring. Flowering started in the second half of May and finished early June. Véraison started at the beginning of July. Continuous winds maintained the perfect microclimate for ripening. Véraison was early.
  • September was dry and sunny with cool nights. The grapes were in a very good state of health.
  • Some development on the nose, with aromas of candied apricot and yellow plum.
    A powerful, syrupy texture on the palate, with delicate aromas of walnut and herbs.