• In the vineyard - Weather
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  • The mild and wet weather conditions of the winter determined a relatively early start of the vegetation. Budbreak was noted at the beginning of April, about ten days in advance compared to the previous vintage. The good, dry and mild weather conditions combined with the significant water reserves from the winter encouraged rapid growth of the vegetation. These weather conditions persisted until the end of June with, consequently, a vegetative growth cycle 15 days ahead compared to 2014. Indeed, the first flowers were noticed on the 21st of May. Within this context, both the flowering and the fruit set developed quickly and homogeneously. From July onwards, heatwaves and extreme drought set in and continued until harvest. Overall precipitations from the beginning of July through to the end of August were 39 mm versus 144 mm at the same period based on average figures for the last five years. Nevertheless, the vineyard did not seem subject to water stress and the vegetative cycle proceeded normally. As far as cryptogamic diseases (mildew, odium) were concerned, the pressure remained low throughout the whole campaign.
  • Harvests took place from Monday 31st of August to Thursday 3rd of September, 2 weeks earlier than the 2014 vintage, illustrating the earliness of the vintage. The harvest was perfectly healthy without waste during sorting.
  • The 2015 vintage offers atypical wines compared to the previous vintages. The sunny profile of the wines mirrors the extreme weather conditions of the vintage and this can be felt on the palate, by the powerfulness and the intensity of the wines. That said, this is balanced by an incredible freshness and energy.