Condrieu la Carthery

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  • A relatively warm and remarkably dry autumn, particularly in October, characterised the start of the 2017/2018 campaign. Notwithstanding a dry February, winter was decidedly wet and this helped offset the water deficit that had set in earlier on. Bud burst was around two weeks later than in 2017 and first seen around 2nd April in early-developing zones at the bottom of the estate. Indeed, whilst January was mild, temperatures dropped significantly early February and remained below seasonal averages for the rest of the winter. After an especially wet March, rainfall levels returned to normal in April and, as temperatures increased, vegetative growth quickened. Considerably above-average rainfall in May lasted until the flowering began (from 28th May onwards, around one week later than in 2017). The vines bloomed in ideal weather conditions. Whilst rainfall and temperatures in June were average, exceptionally hot and dry weather returned in July. They remained in place throughout August. Despite the water deficit, the vegetative cycle continued normally until harvest.

  • Picking started on Friday 31st August and finished on Thursday 6th September, at about the same period as two other early vintages, 2015 and 2017. The harvested grapes were perfectly healthy despite an even hotter and drier growing season than in 2017.
  • All the elements of this wine have already come together: aromas of white stone fruits and fresh summer almonds on the nose complement a well-balanced palate that has roundness and a slight tanginess giving this wine a lovely freshness. The finish recalls the ever-so-slight bitterness of an apricot kernel.