Birth of the wines

Minerality, tightness, elegance . . .

The unique style of Château-Grillet derives from careful vinification techniques, respecting the greatness of the terroir. A fascinating adventure.

After the harvest, each selection of vineyard parcels is pressed separately. Pressing is gentle and respects the grapes. This is a crucial step which requires continued oversight and a lot of precision. A new tank room was installed before the 2012 vintage, with small stainless-steel, temperature-controlled tanks. This has given the team the chance to be able to vinify each different selection separately and with precision. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place in tank or in barrel, according to the lot.

Ageing for 18 months takes place in French oak barrels, with a low proportion of new oak, around 20%.

The blend is crucial, as this is the moment when it is decided which wines will go together to make up Château-Grillet. A very strict selection is applied, so that only the very greatest wines are selected for the final blend of Château-Grillet.

Starting with the 2011 vintage, another wine has been produced at the estate.The "Côtes-du-Rhône" of Château Grillet takes the name of the appellation to which it belongs. It is made from wines which do not quite make the grade for Château-Grillet but nevertheless offer very nice fruit and plenty of charm.

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